About Our Agency

Our business is making yours grow using powerful marketing funnels and automation

After struggling to find any quality Funnels when we first started out online we decided to help those who might find the whole thing a little complicated!

We understand that entrepreneurs like you prefer not to have to spend hundreds of hours learning how to build marketing Funnels, email sequences and automations! Instead you just want to focus on what it is that your good at and that you make your money from. 

With that in mind we have created a range of high converting Funnels that have helped hundreds of people around the world get more leads and sell more products and services.

You can buy one Funnel at a time or save by purchasing one of our Funnel packages and they all come with our methodical video based training so you can be up and running in hours not days!


Meet The Founder

Dwayne Whiting

Dwayne started the agency back in 2008 from his own spare room in Havelock, North Carolina USA.

He started life as a United States Marine electronics technician and Graphics Illustrator. Computers and  Web Design were introduced to him in High School but were not as sophisticated as they are today. He studied and fell in love with business and entrepreneurship. Owning and selling two successful businesses. 

After successfully launching his own online  businesses, he realized there was a lack of ready-made funnels in the industry to help new Internet marketers.

It was then that Dwayne Whiting Consulting Agency was born and the Agency has since helped hundreds of clients all over the world.

Dwayne has an active lifestyle with a large extended family and enjoys nothing more than traveling, whether it be online or in person, as a business advocate watching the lifestyles of customers and their clients continue to grow.

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